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When We Gather


Big Church Worship Service • 10:30 AM

We have moved back inside! Join us for some good, old-fashioned, in-person worship! We do recommend each person bring their mask and wear them while moving around, but once you're seated, you're free to let your face shine the way God intended.

Online Worship Service • 10:30 AM

For those not ready to be in large gatherings, we are still going to be live streaming our entire service on YouTube. Click HERE to be redirected to the Church’s YouTube channel. If you subscribe and turn on notifications, you’ll be alerted whenever we go live.



The Deep

The DEEP | 7-9PM | JH, HS, & Recent HS Graduates

Starting June 22, we will be participating in a Book Study, where we read a chapter together and then discuss how it relates to Scripture & how it might affect our relationship with Jesus and each other.

This summer, our book will be '10 Questions Every Teen Should Know (and Answer) About Christianity."

While there will definitely be fun times to be had, the primary focus of the night will be study and discussion.


Beach Days | 10AM-5:30PM | JH & HS Students

For most Thursdays of the summer, we will meet at the church at 10AM and drive out to Huntington beach for a day of fun, sun, waves, and other good times.

In order to make Beach Day successful, we do require each student to sign up, mostly so that we can secure enough transportation to and from the beach.

You can sign your student up HERE.

Beach Day
Family Dinner

Family Dinner | 6-7PM | JH & HS Students

Once we return from the beach, or for those who couldn't come to the beach, we will gather around some tables and eat a nice meal together. Eating food together just might be one of the best ways to build relationships with one another.

If you would like to help prepare a meal for our students, contact Pastor Jesse, and he will get you plugged in!

Summer Youth Group | 7-9PM | JH & HS Students

As if there weren't already a ton of things going on, we will wrap up each Thursday with an evening of crazy Youth Group games. Each week will offer a different theme from Dodgeball, to Water Games, to Cardboard Medieval Nights.

It is going to be a great summer!!


About Long Beach Alliance Youth


Long Beach Alliance Youth is the student ministries program for Junior High and High School students and we exist to provide opportunities for these students to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ as they learn how to Love God, Love Others and Serve the World and why that matters.

We love to play together, worship together, and serve together.

The goal of LBA Youth is to equip each student with the necessary knowledge to become disciples of Christ whom are capable of showing their friends and families how to do the same. We do this through a combination of the Sunday morning worship service where we are taught from the Word of God and learn different ways to build and deepen our relationship with Jesus; through our mid-week gathering (Youth Group) where we work through topics that face today’s youth and then spend time wrestling through those topics in smaller gender-based groups; and through numerous activities where we come together to simply play and have fun together.

The youth staff have come to a personal understanding of how much Jesus loves them and have chosen to take the opportunity to show that same love and care for the youth of Long Beach Alliance Church and whoever else might come through our doors.



By Jesse Duckett | June 21, 2021

A list of reminders for the 2021 Youth Summer program and the links for signing up.

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