Hume Lake 2021 COVID-19 Update

Greetings Parents & Guardians,

I think we can all agree that if we never have to read another update about COVID-19 or the impact it is having on our daily lives, it’ll be a great day. While I agree that keeping up with the variety of protocol changes and the ongoing restrictions for children and youth can be frustrating, the ultimate goal we have for your children is for their spiritual and physical well-being.

That being said, it’s time for another COVID-19 update!! This one comes courtesy of Hume Lake Summer Camp which released new protocols and guidance for churches related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially focused on campers that test positive while attending camp. These new protocols were created after a few campers recently tested positive for the virus after arriving for Summer Camp at Hume Lake.

Hume has a team of trained professionals they have employed for COVID-19 related issues who assure these students DID NOT contract COVID while at Hume Lake, but more likely contracted it somewhere between their original COVID test and arriving at Summer Camp. The following information has been provided by Hume in response, and we feel it is important to share with you.

Should a camper test positive while at camp, these action steps will be taken by Hume Lake:

  • If a camper tests positive, their entire cabin/cohort will be sent home, regardless of vaccination status, to reduce potential exposure.
  • In some cases, the scope of those sent home may extend to more campers than the cabin/cohort, or may be limited to fewer campers than the whole cabin/cohort (if appropriate for the situation).
  • When a camper or entire cabin/cohort is sent home, the church or family of the camper is asked to coordinate pick-up and all associated costs.
  • Hume Lake’s registration department will refund the cost of Summer Camp at a prorated cost based on the number of nights the camper attended before testing positive.
  • All parents of campers who test positive or were exposed to COVID-19 while at camp should expect to be contacted by their county’s health department with further instructions for quarantine or isolation.

So, in order to help reduce the risk of this happening to any of our campers, we are taking a few action steps of our own, primarily focused on our travel to Hume Lake.

  • We will be traveling in multiple 15-Passenger vans and campers will travel with similar aged campers to reduce the potential risk of spreading anything among our larger group.
  • Additionally, campers will be assigned to a specific van and will not be allowed to switch to a different vehicle during the trip. Again, this helps limit exposure in case someone from our group tests positive, and also helps us be able to readily identify who else might be at risk.
  • Wearing N-95 Masks are encouraged to help while enclosed in small vehicles. HOWEVER, this is not required and will be solely up to the parent’s (your) discretion. If you want your student to wear a mask while we travel to Hume Lake, please let us know personally. We want to be able to support your decision, help your camper, and also make sure other kids are sensitive to one another.
  • We also recommend that once you have your student tested (and maybe even a few days before), that you limit their interactions with the outside world. This reduces the chance of exposure which might not be noticed until a camper starts feeling sick after arriving at camp.

We are also asking all campers to bring extra masks (cloth or disposable) for the week of camp. While masks are still only being required in very limited settings (while getting food and going inside shops), Hume has made it clear they will not have extra masks to hand out.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, (man, how will kids understand a reference to something once record players are forgotten?) I realize none of this is ideal. For that I am truly sorry. However, if there is a chance that we can prevent an unfortunate early departure from camp (even for those who did not test positive, but were merely in proximity) we would like to take those extra precautions.

Our ultimate desire is for your student to enjoy a week up in the mountains experiencing Jesus in very real and profound ways. COVID has changed how life is done, we all see this, but it doesn’t have any power over what Jesus can and will do in the life of your child. And no matter the circumstance – regardless of how favorable or unfavorable it might be – this is where we get to exercise the authenticity of our confidence, knowing and trusting Jesus will accomplish what Jesus wants to accomplish in the hearts of our campers.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Meghan or myself.

Trusting together in the glory of God.

Pastor Jesse