Hume Update Heading

HUME 2021 Update (6/28/21)

Greetings Parents and Guardians!!

We are just under a month from packing up and leaving on an epic week at Hume Lake. We’ve only missed one year, but it feels like it’s been way longer. I can’t wait to get us all back up there!

This email serves as a reminder for a few essential things that must take place before we leave, as well as the coveted packing list.

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As a reminder to previous emails that have gone out, every person who will be attending camp will need to upload either proof of vaccination at least 14 days prior to arrival at camp, or upload a negative PCR test result within 72 hours prior to arriving at camp. This means that the test must be administered in those 72 hours, so please make sure you factor this into your timing.

You can upload those forms to We will also have the capability to upload those the night before we leave when we do our bag drop.

BAG DROP | July 24 | 6-8PM

On Saturday evening, from 6-8PM, we will be hosting a bap drop for all of the students. This is mandatory for all of the students planning to come to Hume Lake with us. In addition to the COVID Screening, Hume requires that each camper (and leader) submit a wellness check within 24 hours of arriving at camp. We bring in a couple RNs, who will do a general visual screening just to verify no flu-like symptoms are brought into camp. I have personally witness a large majority of students come down with the flu while there…it was not pretty.

In addition to the wellness check, we will be asking that each camper bring their large bag they’ll be bringing to camp. This will help expedite the loading process so that we can be ready to go once all the campers arrive. Your student will be allowed to also bring a separate bag and pillow for the drive, should they choose. There won’t be a ton of space on the van, so encourage them to pack wisely.

We will also be collecting final payments for any balances still owing. You will receive a separate email from me this week with your student’s balance. If you would rather not wait for an email, feel free to contact me and I can tell you over the phone.

You and your student are not required to be there for the entire time. You may show up at any point between 6 and 8PM.


And now that you’re wondering what you NEED to pack, here is the packing list that Hume Lake puts out to the churches.

What TO Bring:
Sleeping Bag
Warm & Cool Clothes
Modest One-Piece Swimsuit (No Tankinis)
Towel for Swimming and Showering
Water Bottle
$60 Recommended Spending Money
Money for Lunch on the way TO Hume and on the WAY BACK
CDC Approved Masks (only for getting food and when in densely packed seating areas)
Please send enough masks (cloth or disposable) for the duration of camp. While masks are still only being required in very limited settings (while getting food and going inside the shops), they will not have any extra masks to hand out. 

**WAGON TRAIN – Bring an extra pair of tennis shoes that can get wet and dark clothing for the Night Game

**MEADOW RANCH – Bring a white shirt for color wars and dark clothing for Night Games

(Remember: Girls no bare midriffs or spaghetti straps; guys, no sagging.)

Anyone out of dress code will be asked to change their clothes. If a student is asked to do so, it will be made clear that it is not a statement on that student’s character, but it is our desire to adhere to the policies that have been established by the camp. And surprisingly enough, I have had to have this talk with the guys far more than the girl leaders have had to have this talk with the girls.

What NOT to Bring:
Drugs (unless prescribed by a Doctor)
Electronic Devices

Cell phones will be allowed on the trip up and the trip home. However, there is no cell service at Hume Lake. If there is a fear of cell phones being lost or stolen, I would recommend they leave their devices at home.

I will have a cell phone with limited internet access and will be able to make contact should there be any emergencies.

DEPARTURE | July 24 | 9AM

We will be leaving the Long Beach Alliance Church parking lot at 9AM on Sunday, July 25. Please plan to have your camper there by 8:30 AM so that we can pray before leaving and be able to leave right at 9.

RETURN | July 31 | 9AM

We will be departing from Hume Lake at 9AM on Saturday, July 31. By about 10:30, cell service will return and your students will be able to text you. We will stop for lunch, and as long as traffic plays nice, we will aim to be home around 2PM. We will send out updates as we get closer to home.


By now, you should have received an email from Hume Lake to complete your student’s registration for camp. This is the official registration that plugs your student into their system. If you have not received this email, please contact me and I will have it resent.

Through this registration, you will also have the opportunity to apply for a campership (Hume Lake’s version of a scholarship) for those of you who might be experiencing financial hardships.

If your student is going to Meadow Ranch or Ponderosa, you will also be able to sign them up and pay for their extra activities; such as paintball and the high ropes course. Each of these activities will cost $20.

I know there was a lot there and I appreciate you going through all of that. Of course, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out.

This is going to be an amazing experience for these students and I cannot wait to see how God moves in each one of them, and not just while at camp, but for the rest of their lives.

All for God’s glory,
Pastor Jesse